Koyunoglu Museum

Koyunoglu Museum

İzzet Koyunoğlu City Museum, Koyunoğlu Museum located in Topraklık Neighborhood in Konya was founded by A.R.İzzet Koyunoğlu, one of the deep-rooted families of Konya. A.İzzet Koyunoğlu started to collect works in an old and typical Konya house since 1913. Books, ethnographic artifacts and natural history objects, as well as archaeological artifacts collected from Konya and its surroundings, are among the main works of the museum.

A.R.İzzet Koyunoğlu donated his museum, which he created with his personal efforts and which is among the world's famous museums and libraries, to Konya Municipality in 1973. Thereupon, A. R. İzzet Koyunoğlu's house was taken under protection, its surroundings were expropriated, and today's modern building was built on an area of 3433 m². The museum was reorganized and opened to visitors for the second time on February 2, 1984 under the name of Konya Metropolitan Municipality A. R. İzzet Koyunoğlu Museum and Library.

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