Meram Vineyards

Meram Vineyards

Meram was established in the valley on the south-eastern skirts of Takkeli Mountain. Old Meram Vineyards, 5-6 km from the city. It starts from the west and extends to the green valley reaching the Dere. Throughout history, its water, air and vineyards have been the subject of travel books and divans, and its fame has spread all over the world. Today, it is a beautiful recreation area surrounded by forests. There are also tea gardens and restaurants. in Meram; The Meram Bath, Meram Bridge, Tavus Baba Tomb, Hasbey Masjid and Darü'l-Huffâz, which were built during the Seljuk Period, can be visited.

Each of our guest rooms has a private bathroom, wi-fi, cable TV and a full breakfast is included.

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